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Riviera Maya - Caratera Federal

  • All hotels located on the Caratera federal highway (Road 307 Cancun Tulum) in the Riviera Maya, are between 10-30 min drive to the Chabad House. are not walking distance. 

Grand Velas,
Fairmont Mayakoba,
Banayan Tree Mayakoba,
Rosewood Mayakoba,
Riviera Maya, Mayan Palace, Etc...

Playa del Carmen Downtown "Centro"

  • Hotels located in the downtown "Centro" of Playa del Carmen are within walking distance to the Chabad House.
  • There are many hotels near Chabad from $30 to $500+++

    here are a few Hotels

    Grand Hyatt Playa D.C. (about $300. 1st ave and calle 26 about 10 min walk) ,
    The Royal
     Hotel (about $250. constituyentes & 1st ave 10 min walk) ,
    The Palm (about $120. calle 8 / btw 5&10 ave 1 min walk),
    Thomson Hotel beach (about 2 min walk Calle 8 and the beach)
    Thomson Hotel 5th ave (about 4 min walk)
    The Five Hotel [by Hilton] (about $180)10th Ave corner Calle 2 (about 2 min walk)
    The Carmen Hotel (about $180) Calle 8 & The Beach (about 2 min walk)
    Hotel 770 (about $90) calle 10 bis btw 20th & 25th ave) (about 6 min walk).
    Playacar Palace 
    (about $200. playacar fase 1, 7 min walk), 
    Acanto boutique ( about $100. calle 16 & 5th ave 7 min walk ), 
    Magic Blue (about $120. 10th ave btw 12-14 5 min walk) 
    Sahara Hotel (about $35. calle 8 corner of 15 ave)
    Yak Hostel, (about $12) .Calle 10 bis (about 4 min walk).

  • any hotel in the center would be good to make sure it's not to far from us 10 ave and calle 6

Playacar Fase 1 & 2, Playa del Carmen

  • Hotels and resort in Playacar are between 10-35 min walk to the Chabad House.

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