Playa del Carmen Downtown "Centro"

Hotels located in the downtown "Centro" of Playa del Carmen are within walking distance to the Chabad House.

  • There are many hotels near Chabad from $30 to $500+++

    here are a few Hotels

    Grand Hyatt Playa D.C. (about $200. 1st ave and calle 26 about 10 min walk) ,
    Hilton Hotel (about $200. constituyentes & 1st ave 10 min walk) ,
    The Palm (about $120. calle 8 / btw 5&10 ave 1 min walk),
    Thomson Hotel beach (about 2 min walk Calle 8 and the beach)
    Thomson Hotel 5th ave (about 4 min walk)
    The Five Hotel [by Hilton] (about $150)10th Ave corner Calle 2 (about 2 min walk)
    The Carmen Hotel (about $180) Calle 8 & The Beach (about 2 min walk)
    Hotel 770 (about $50) calle 10 bis btw 20th & 25th ave) (about 5 min walk). 
    Antera , about $120 , across the street 

    Las Itzas About $45 across the street
    (about $200. playacar fase 1, 7 min walk),
    Acanto boutique ( about $100. calle 16 & 5th ave 7 min walk ),
    Magic Blue (about $120. 10th ave btw 12-14 5 min walk)
    Sahara Hotel (about $35. calle 8 corner of 15 ave)
    Hostel Che (about $12) calle 6 bis between ave 15 & 20 , (about 1 min walk)
    Hostel Salina Calle 2 , 2 min walk

  • Playacar Palace

  • any hotel in the center would be good to make sure it's not to far from us 10 ave and calle 6

Playacar Fase 1 & 2, Playa del Carmen

  • Hotels and resort in Playacar are between 10-35 min walk to the Chabad House.

    Riviera Maya - Caratera Federal

    All hotels located on the Caratera federal highway (Road 307 Cancun Tulum) in the Riviera Maya, are between 10-30 min drive to the Chabad House. are not walking distance.

    Grand Velas,
    Fairmont Mayakoba,
    Banayan Tree Mayakoba,
    Rosewood Mayakoba,
    Mare Azul, Vice Roi,
    Riviera Maya, Mayan Palace, Etc...
    Unico Hotel
    Bahia Principe, Barcelo, Hard Rock Hotel Porto Aventuras.

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