updated 10/14/2022

Meals & Sukkah 

Meals will be at Chabad house, Kidush and Hamotzi at Suka near Chabad House 

RSVP here 

Services and Prayers

Services will be at chabad house 
10th ave btw. Calle 6 and 8 (on top of oxxo)

Yom Tov 

Evening Services (Mincha/Arvit): 6:15 pm
Morning Services (Shacharit): 10:00am 

Hoshana Raba 

Morning Services (Shacharit): 9:00 am

Simchat Torah Hakafot 

both nights after Arvit, and by Day after Shcharis with Kol Hanorim etc,,

Chatan Tora, Chatan Bereishit 


Chabad Public Sukkah

will be located near the Chabad House 

at the 770 hotel,
Calle 10 bis between Ave 25 and 20 
Open 24/7 
Lulav and Etrog on premises for the blessing all day long