Chanukah in Playa
With Chabad Lubavitch of Playa Del Carmen The Jewish Center of the Riviera Maya
Chanukah December 16th – 24th
Grand Menorah Lighting

Spread the light of Chanukah and join together with the Jewish community of Playa Del Carmen for a public menorah lighting!

Date: Tuesday December 16th

Time: 6:00 PM

Location: 5th ave and corner of Calle 6

  • Music
  • Dancing
  • Fresh Doughnuts
  • Individual Menorah and Candels
  • Draidle - Sevivon 

Let's all be there for the fifth consecutive year to light together the first light of Chanukah! Lighting up the world....from La Quinta!

Chanukah Party

Come join together to Celebrate Chanukah with family and friends at Chabads Chanukah party.


> Following the Grand Menorah, the party continues at Chabad!

  • Doughnuts
  • Hot latkes
  • Menorah Lighting
  • Craft for kids
  • Make and decorate doughnuts 
  • Music
  • Friends
  • Smiles all around

Free Admision

Get your own Menorah

We arranged a large shipment of Menorahs and candles to proivde for all the jews in playa. Please let us know if you need a menorah, or a friend you may know of,and we will be happy to visit you and drop one off.

Electric menorahs are great for display purposes, and are a wonderful medium for publicizing the Chanukah miracle. But the Chanukah lights used to fulfill the mitzvah should be real flames fueled by wax or oil – like the flames in the Holy Temple. We are happy to help you fulfil this mitzvah!

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